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Harcourts has always enjoyed a strong foundation of being the market leader in real estate since it was originally formed in 1888. We understood from the outset, that the people working in our business were considered the best asset. That's why we have always placed a high level of importance on employment/recruitment, developing systems and processes, creating the best software, and ensuring we have a world-class training and personal development program to ensure our staff is reaching their full potential.

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Work Local, Live Local with Harcourts Whangarei and Bream Bay... If you love the community you live in, then sell it to others.

A lot of people say they love property. A fortunate few actually take this feeling and turn it into a business. Take control and launch your new career in real estate today.

You will learn:
– What it takes to succeed from salespeople who started from scratch and found success in their first year.
– What investment is required to launch your own business in real estate.
– What to look for when choosing an office to join.
– What to look for in a Manager.
– The next steps you need to take to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

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