When preparing your home for sale, what are some of the top tips for attracting more potential buyers and higher offers?

  • De-clutter. The first tip is the simplest. It’s obviously a must, to clean and tidy your home before an inspection or photos, but it’s crucial to also get rid of clutter that could stand in the way of a potential buyer picturing themselves within the home. Also minimise personal photos if at all possible.
  • Repair. Make any aesthetic repairs well before inspection. Things as small as a chip in paint in an interior wall could detract from the overall feel for the home, so get these things up-to-date before your open home.
  • Style. Once clutter free, consider using a home stylist or home staging service. The results can be dramatic.
  • Photograph. To ensure your marketing material is of the highest standard, at Harcourts we use the services of a professional photographer to take quality, well-lit pictures of your home. Photos are the first impressions of your home that the buyer tastes. These need to attract the buyer enough to get them to the property to inspect in person. Is important you tidy up around the home and section prior to the photographer arriving. Small things out of place can make a big impact on the quality of good photos.