10 Design Tricks to Add Value To Your Home13 Mar 2024

Whether you're aiming to sell in the near future or just want to make your home a more enjoyable place to live, strategic design choices can significantly boost your property's appeal and value. From simple DIY projects to more upscale renovations, there are lots of ways to elevate your space without breaking the bank.
Here are 10 design tricks the team at Harcourts have seen which can add aesthetic and financial value to your home. These tips are catered to homeowners and interior design enthusiasts who are eager to enhance their living spaces intelligently and, most importantly, affordably.

1. Kerb Appeal Magic: The Approach to Attractiveness
The first impression of a home is formed from its exterior, and it can significantly influence the property's perceived value. A fresh coat of paint on the front door, updated lighting fixtures, and a well-maintained garden are low-cost enhancements that can make a striking statement.
Painting the door a bold, modern colour such as navy blue can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Clearing out any clutter in your front yard and adding some well-placed potted plants or flowers offers an instant facelift. Moreover, ensuring that the pathway and entryway are well-lit adds a sense of security and grandeur, both of which are highly valued by prospective buyers.

2. The Power of Paint: Colour and Psychology
The colour of your walls has the power to alter the perception of space, light, and mood. Strategic use of paint can make a room feel larger, warmer, or more intimate. Neutral tones like soft greys and beiges can serve as a blank canvas, allowing potential buyers to imagine their personal style in the space, while accent walls in on-trend shades can add a touch of modernity.
It's important to note that the psychological impact of colour can influence buyer decisions. For instance, the calming effect of light blue in a bedroom or a vibrant red in a dining room can create a positive association with those spaces, making them feel more like ‘home,' which can translate to monetary value.

3. Bathrooms: Small Space With Huge Potential
Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are often the most influential spaces in a potential buyer's decision-making process. Renovations here can pay off in a major way. If a total remodel isn't in your budget, consider small upgrades that can still have a big impact.
Updating fixtures such as faucets and showerheads, re-grouting tiles, and installing a new mirror or light fixture can refresh the look of your bathroom without the hefty price tag. A fresh, light coloured paint on walls, and the elimination of clutter can also make the room feel clean, bright, and more spacious.

4. Energy-Efficient Updates: The Hidden Valuables
Modern homebuyers are increasingly conscious of energy consumption, which reflects in their preference for eco-friendly features. Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances and improving insulation can not only decrease utility bills but also increase your home's value.
Consider replacing older appliances with Energy Star rated models. These appliances often come with a warranty, which can appeal to potential buyers. Additionally, upgrading to LED lighting throughout the house and installing a smart heating and cooling system can be attractive features that showcase a home's modernity and sustainability.

5. Organise and Declutter: Space Sells
One of the cheapest and most effective methods to increase the value of your home is to declutter and organise. Potential buyers want to see the full potential of the space, which can be difficult with personal items crowding every corner.
Invest in versatile storage solutions, such as under-bed boxes and built-in shelving. This can make every room feel more spacious and highlight the functional use of each area. Moreover, a tidy space conveys a sense of care and maintenance, which is a very attractive quality for homebuyers.

6. The Art of Window Dressing: Letting Light In
Natural light is a sought-after feature in home design. It makes spaces feel larger, and more inviting, and can even highlight architectural features. Ensuring that your windows are clean, unobstructed, and framed beautifully can greatly enhance the appeal of your home.
Consider updating window treatments with lighter fabrics or simple blinds that don't block out light. This would also be a good time to assess if you need to replace old windows with newer, energy-efficient models that not only let in light but keep noise and drafts out. These small adjustments can bring a significant return on investment.

7. Flooring Upgrades: A Step in the Right Direction
Flooring is a feature that can date a property. If your home has wall-to-wall carpeting that's seen better days, tearing it up to reveal hardwood can add substantial value. If you have concrete or old linoleum, consider upgrading to a hard-wearing and attractive material like laminate, tile, or hardwood.
Area rugs can be used to tie spaces together and add warmth. In areas where it makes sense to keep the current flooring, professional cleaning or polishing can also make a world of difference and give the impression of well-maintained floors.

8. Kitchen: Refresh the Heart of the Home
The kitchen is often the focal point of the home, and a well-designed space can be a key selling point. However, kitchen renovations are notoriously expensive. Smaller, more cost-effective updates can still make a big impact.
Replacing cabinet hardware, painting, or re-staining cabinets, upgrading your backsplash, and updating lighting can give your kitchen a refresh without the massive cost of a full remodel. Stainless steel appliances, if not already present, can also add a modern touch that many buyers are looking for.

9. Smart Home Integration: Modernisation Through Technology
Integrating smart home technology can significantly increase your home's appeal to tech-savvy buyers. Smart thermostats, security systems, and lighting can all be controlled from a smartphone, adding convenience and an element of luxury to the home.
While these upgrades might be pricier, the appeal to buyers who value convenience and the ability to monitor their home from afar can result in a higher offer. The key here is to make these smart features visible and easy to understand for those touring your home.

10. Professional Landscaping: The Garden's Grandeur
Professional landscaping can take your home's exterior from average to extraordinary. Well-maintained gardens, trimmed shrubs, and the strategic addition of trees can add privacy and create a beautiful outdoor space that feels like an extension of the indoors.
Where space allows it, consider adding a deck or patio if applicable - these are outdoor living spaces that add value to a home. Even if a full deck isn't in the cards, a seating area created with pavers or gravel can still create a charming outdoor space that's perfect for entertaining.
Should you live in a Unit or Townhouse, similar use of feature seating or potted plants can create a similar, although smaller, beautiful outside space, effectively extending the inside.
Making your home more attractive and valuable doesn't have to be a major financial endeavour. Small, strategic updates can yield significant returns, both in terms of the offers you receive and the enjoyment you get from your home. By focusing on areas that have the most impact, you can ensure that your design choices resonate with prospective buyers while elevating your day-to-day living. Remember that the key to successful home design is in attention to detail and creating a cohesive, welcoming atmosphere that invites everyone to picture themselves at home.
For those seeking professional advice on the best strategies to improve and market their property, consulting with a real estate expert is always a smart move. Harcourts and its team of experienced agents understand the local market and can guide you to the most valuable upgrades for your home.