Alert Level 3 and Operating Guidelines3 Sep 2021

COVID-19 Level 3 Guidelines

As of 11:59 pm on Thursday 2 September, Northland will join the rest of New Zealand (south of Auckland) in Alert Level 3.

Guidelines for Real Estate businesses operating under Alert Level 3 have been released, and are detailed as below.

The primary objective when working at Alert Level 3 is to prevent and limit the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19.

Our team will meet the health requirements expected of them, and will be taking a cautious approach to ensure the safety of all our vendors, buyers and staff involved.

- Private viewings by buyers or potential buyers are permitted under alert level 3, with the written consent of the vendor and provided all health requirements are met

- Only two visits or viewings per day are permitted and must meet all health requirements

- Viewings are limited to a maximum of 2 persons (excluding the Salesperson) per session

- Customers, clients or other members of the public cannot enter our offices

- Visits to properties by professionals to support the real estate transaction process and to complete pre-sale conditions are permitted, provided all health requirements are strictly met

- Buyers may undertake pre-settlement inspections and may relocate their home

- Buyers agents may undertake pre-settlement inspections for their clients

- Appraisals may be completed provided all health requirements are met

- Service providers may attend a property provided health requirements are met

- All properties should have an NZ COVID Tracer app QR code throughout the sales process

Health requirements include:

Mask wearing is required for anyone aged 12 years and over when entering any property

NZ COVID Tracer app QR codes must be displayed in a prominent place at any property for sale

Contact records must also be collected for every visit at a property

Systems and processes will be in place to ensure compliance with physical distancing

Restrictions on travelling between alert level areas apply

Private Viewings

Our team is looking forward to facilitating Private Inspections under the Level 3 Guidelines.

We are able to hold two private viewings per property per day. These can be with a maximum of two people and one salesperson.

Our team will:

Wear wear masks, minimise time spent at the property, maintain physical distancing, conduct contact tracing measures and ensure the viewing is contactless.

We will prominently display the NZ COVID Tracer App QR codes and ensure all parties sign in.

Alert Level 3 Private Viewing Guidelines:

Please arrive on time and wait in your vehicle until your specific viewing time commences, at which point you can move towards the property entrance. Late arrivals may risk their chance to view and we cannot guarantee your viewing in this situation

Ensure physical distancing is maintained at all times (2 metres)

Please refrain from touching anything at the property

Please remove shoes before entering the property

No attendees are permitted who may have been unwell, are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days. Please let us know immediately if you are unsure, or have any concerns.