Bringing Colour into your Home27 Jan 2023

With every new year, comes colour. Led by fashion houses and runways, our homes are our opportunity to embrace what’s new for 2023 and reflect what we love within our four walls.

When we list a home for sale, colours play a huge part in the emotions we evoke for a potential buyer, so it pays to choose wisely and consider seasonal palettes and trends as well as tried and trusted tones. Here’s an insight into five on-trend ideas for the incoming year.

Vibrant Orange-y Reds
A fiery red orange that's basically the best colour in a really good sunset. The vivacious colour marks a pull toward bold, warm hues.

Softer Shades of Bold Colours
Soft colours promote tranquillity and evoke a sense of consistency and allow homeowners to choose which areas of the home they want to emphasise.

Warm Neutrals
Warm neutrals embrace wellness and comfort. Not to mention, they can be incorporated into practically any design style.

Brown Ochre
While you can cover a blank canvas with pops of colour, you can also lean into neutrals.

Elemental Inspiration
Deeply saturated hues found in the wild are on the rise and inspired by everything from tropical flowers to carbon.