Increasing Demand for Property to Provide Work-From-Home Spaces1 May 2024

The concept of working from home is here to stay, and as we search for our next property, whether that be our first home or dream apartment, our desire to have a work-from-home space, is arguably becoming a dealbreaker. But are we being too unrealistic?
Before the COVID pandemic the concept of ‘working from home’ was almost non-existent so could this indicate that work-from-home spaces are soon going to become the ‘norm’?
The idea of being able to convert an area into a designated work-from-home space has become just as appealing as having a home office in today’s world. With the rise of hybrid and remote roles in the job market, for some, this has become a requirement. And with more and more companies implementing ‘work-from-home’ policies, people are finding themselves working two, three, or even four days outside the confines of the office.
And the property market has started to reflect this change. Not only does a work-from-home space offer flexibility now, but it also offers options in the future.
For homebuyers and renters seeking work-life balance and increased productivity, a home with convertible space is not just a property investment, but an investment in people’s mental health and wellbeing. Just as we seek homes closer to work to reduce commute times, these spaces could become just as desirable.
Whether it’s a spare room transformed into an office, a corner of a room utilised for a desk or a secret space under the stairs, sellers have an opportunity to level up the potential of their property. When a property goes to market if it has these spaces available or even the possibility, this can make all the difference in securing a buyer.
The importance of having a home equipped with a convertible, work-from-home space has become increasingly popular and desirable in modern society. Although there are still some jobs that cannot be performed remotely, the increasing availability of technology and its developments are helping to support a hybrid work culture.
When evaluating the value of your property, considering a 'work-from' space, whether convertible or multifunctional, could enhance the appeal of your home and help you stand out in the market.