Red Cross recipient of Harcourts Foundation funding7 Dec 2021

Presented to Red Cross to go towards funding their new Psychological First Aid (PFA) workshop for vulnerable young people aged 14 – 18.

Mental Health in the Workplace:
Mental Health in the Workplace develops an understanding of the mental health continuum and opens the conversation about mental health.

Red Cross use ‘LOOK, LISTEN, LINK’ which provides a framework and a support process to give practical tools and strategies to help someone who may need mental health support.

The programme also provides organisations and teams with the tools to better identify, understand, and manage mental health issues in their workplace.

Learning Outcomes
The participants will:

- Develop an understanding of mental health, mental distress, and mental illness and how it affects family/whanau and work colleagues.
- Gain a support process and practical skills of the LOOK, LISTEN, LINK framework to help someone who may need mental health support.
- Leave with tools to create a positive mental health environment in the workplace.