Top Ten Tips for a Stress-Free Move with Pets13 Mar 2024

Moving can be both an exciting and stressful life event. It's the anticipation of a new chapter but also the logistics and upheaval that can take a toll, especially if you're the parent to a cuddly (or not so cuddly) pet. At Harcourts, we understand the unique challenges and strive to make this transition as smooth as possible for families and their four-legged friends.
It's more than just choosing the right real estate agent; thinking ahead and preparing your pet for the journey is critical. Here are ten indispensable tips on orchestrating a soothing move that considers your pet's wellbeing just as much as yours. These tips are tailor-made to ensure your next move is free of the usual pet-related headaches and filled with wagging tails and content purrs.

1. Early Acquaintance with Their New Home
Introduce your pet to their future home as early as possible. This early familiarity can help them adjust more easily on moving day. If you're moving nearby, take them on a few car rides to the new place so that the experience is less of a shock when the day comes.

2. Maintain Their Routine
Pets thrive on routine, and moving can disrupt this. As best as you can, stick to feeding, walking, and cuddle times. Predictability in their day will provide a sense of safety and normality amidst the changing environment.

3. Packing Anxiety Solutions
Start packing early and in stages so that your pet doesn't get anxious with everything changing suddenly. Keep their toys and food out until the last minute. Have a designated space where they can retreat, free from the boxes and frenzy.

4. Temporary Separation on Moving Day
During the hustle of moving, it's often safer and less stressful for pets to be in a quiet room with their belongings—perhaps a friend's or a relative's house—away from the moving chaos. Ensure they have all the essentials along with familiar smells and items to ease anxiety.

5. En Route Comfort
Whether you're on a short drive or a cross-country flight, make their travel as comfy as possible. Use carriers or seat belts for safety and consider natural anxiety aids like pheromone sprays or calming music to ease nerves. Take regular breaks to offer water, food, and bathroom breaks.

6. Secure a Pet-Friendly Home
Prior to the move, ensure your new residence is pet-proof and ready to welcome your critter. Check for any hazards, secure the perimeter against escape attempts, and remove any toxic plants or substances.

7. Establish a Comfort Zone
Upon arrival, designate a 'safe' area with items that smell and feel like home. This might include their bed, blankets, and familiar toys. Having these cherished items in your new space can be a comforting constant for your pet.

8. Update Identification and Records
Before the move, update your pet's identification tags with your new address and contact information. Also, ensure that all veterinary records are up to date and easily accessible. If you're moving internationally or across state lines, check the specific regulations for moving pets and obtain any necessary documentation well in advance.

9. Community Integration
Spend some time helping your pet feel part of the new community. Take them on walks, introduce them to new neighbours, and establish new routines. The faster they settle in, the happier they'll be in their new surroundings.

10. Stay Calm and Provide Reassurance
Pets are extremely perceptive and can pick up on your emotions. It’s natural to feel stressed during a move, but try to stay as calm as possible around your pets. Provide them with extra love and attention to reassure them. If your pets seem particularly anxious, consider pheromone products or natural supplements to ease their nerves.

By adopting these strategies, you're not just ensuring a smooth move for your pet; you're setting the stage for a positive and fulfilling pet-friendly life in your new home. At Harcourts, we're not just your agents; we're your fellow pet lovers who understand and cater to the unique needs of your 'fur'ever friend. With these tips, you're well on your way to a harmonious move that cements your bond with your pet in a new, loving environment. Happy moving, and happy pet parenting!