Healthy Habits for Tenants

Keeping your home healthy isn’t just up to your landlord. Healthy habits will reduce moisture in your home so it is easier to keep your whanau warm, dry and healthy.

Here’s some healthy habits you can keep up to make the most of your home:

• Open your windows and doors for a few hours each day. Air from outside is dry air which is easier to heat.
• Open your curtains during the day to let the sun warm the house, and close them just before it gets dark to keep the warmth in.
• Dry your washing outside or in the garage or carport. This keeps moisture out of the house.
• Let the steam out by opening windows and turning on extractor fans in the kitchen when you cook, and in the bathroom when you shower or take a bath.
• Wipe off any water (condensation) that builds up from inside of your windows and walls.
• Air out when you turn off the heater. Releasing the heat before you leave the room helps to avoid condensation.
• Keep in touch with your landlord or property manager about any damage that could be causing moisture issues. Things like broken extractor fans, blocked or leaking downpipes and gutters, leaks in pipes, dampness or leaks in walls or ceilings, and signs of mould can cause major problems if left unfixed.
• Vacuum and dust regularly. This will keep the air fresh, which is especially important for young children or people in the house who have asthma.