How to Add Value To Your Property and Attract Better Tenants

There are a number of simple, cost-effective home improvement solutions that will increase the rental value of your property and attract more tenants, such as:

• A fresh coat of paint
• Build a carport
• Have the curtains professionally cleaned or install new curtains and blinds
• Replace light fittings
• Steam clean carpets
• Sand the floorboards
• Replace door handles and knobs
• Install a dishwasher
• Install heat pumps/air-conditioning
• Install built in wardrobes

Depending on the age of your investment property, it may be wise to invest in more thorough renovations, such as updating kitchens and bathrooms, and including a laundry. Unsealed garages should be made waterproof, and unsealed windows should be replaced with sealed aluminum window frames. Neglected gardens and lawns should be tidied up to look appealing, cared-for and low-maintenance. Providing all year round usable outdoor space, by adding an awning or creating a sun room are also popular value-adds. Depending on your location and your intention for your property, you may consider including certain utilities, such as washing machines and dryers, or kayaks for properties near the water.