Repairs and Maintenance

Ensuring that your investment property is well maintained is something that is particularly important in order to:

1. Maintain the value of your property
2. Attract a good tenant to the property
3. Minimise big repair bills down the track

Prior to purchasing an investment property, it is vital to ensure you have money in the property fund to conduct repairs, maintenance and upgrades to the property should the need arise. People sometimes underestimate the amount of repairs that need undertaking in order to maintain a high standard of rental property. Not having the funds available to get work done can put landlords in sticky situations in the long term. How much should you budget per year for repairs and maintenance? Our rule of thumb is to budget for $2,000 per year. You may utilise more some years, and less others.

How to find reliable trades people?
Finding honest, well priced, reliable trades people can be challenging especially when they are booked out so far in advance. When you employ a property management company like Harcourts Just Rentals, we have a network of trades people who are reliable, honest, and well-priced, and who will undertake work on our properties when we request.

Regular Inspections
Conducting regular inspections at a property is extremely important, as well as ensuring that they are well documented with photos. This ensures that repair and maintenance items are brought to the landlord’s attention as the situation arises rather than down the track, and helps to prevent issues becoming a lot bigger and more costly for the owner.

When a Tenant Vacates
This is the perfect time to get any outstanding work completed on the property. Tenants are only required to leave a property reasonably clean and tidy, so we recommend to all our owners that when the tenant vacates, a top up clean and garden overhaul is completed along with any outstanding works to ensure that the property is handed to the next tenant in the highest standard.

Our well rounded team of Property Managers keep you informed of any repairs, maintenance and upgrades required at your property, as well as take care of arranging and managing any work which ensures stress free, hands o management for all our owners. For more information on the service we provide and the costs involved, contact us today.