The Importance of Regular Property Inspections

Conducting routine property inspections is a vital part of managing your investment property. We regularly come across clients who manage their own investments and often routine inspections get missed, which allows a lot of room for things to go wrong. The following highlight important reasons why routine inspections should not be missed.

1. Insurance

Most insurers require routine inspections to be conducted on a quarterly basis. Should a routine inspection be missed and subsequently a claim needs to be made, they may not be required to pay out as the required inspections have not been fulfilled. It is also key to document each inspection with a written report and photographs.

2. Repairs and Maintenance

The best way to keep on top of repairs and maintenance is to conduct regular inspections. Often tenants do not want to advise their landlords of any issues at the property as they do not want to be a hassle. This can make matters worse if the issue is not repaired quickly.

3. Anti-Social Behaviour

Conducting regular routine inspections helps to keep on top of any anti-social behaviour that may arise at the rental property. If a tenant gets frequent complaints from neighbours regarding
parties or people coming and going from the property, it is advised to conduct a very thorough inspection to ensure that there are no illegal substances being kept at the property.

4. Accountability

Regular inspections help keep the tenant accountable by ensuring that the house is kept clean and tidy. It is recommended to send the tenants an email outlining expectations for the inspections e.g. ensure the oven is clean and the lawns are mown. Please keep in mind that the cleaning list cannot be unreasonable.

Harcourts Just Rentals can take care of all routine inspections on a quarterly basis and will provide you with a thorough report which includes photographs and any recommendations for repairs and maintenance. If the property is not presented in a clean and tidy manner, we will advise the tenant of the improvements needed and go back to do a follow up inspection to ensure that the tenant has rectified the issues.

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