The Perils of Removing Smoke Alarms

Removing or interfering with smoke alarms or interfering with the means of escape from a fire is an Unlawful Act and may incur penalties of up to $4000.

A recent tenancy tribunal case highlighted this when a tenant removed smoke alarms even after being advised of it being a breach of the Residential Tenancies Act. When a party (either landlord or tenant) commits an unlawful act intentionally, the Tenancy Tribunal may award exemplary damages.

Removing smoke alarms has obvious and serious consequences for the occupants of a building and the building owners. In this tribunal case in June, the tenant was fined $1300 in exemplary damages but could have been fined as high as $4000.

If there are any issues with fire alarms at your rental, make sure you get in touch with your property manager and don’t simply take them down.

You could be committing an unlawful act, and also putting lives at risk!

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