What's cooking for Christmas?

We are hoping that our tenants will be enjoying home cooked meals over the summer period, so please check your oven and stove tops to ensure that everything is in working order before your best laid Christmas plans are thwarted due to an uncooperative appliance.

Whilst your property manager will want to repair any broken-down appliances, if you let them know too close to Christmas, they may not be able to get a tradesperson out in time to perform the repair and Uber Eats may have limited options on the big day!

Regarding maintenance, tenants must tell the landlord straight away if they are aware something needs to be repaired or maintained, no matter how it happened or who caused the damage. If a tenant does not notify the landlord as soon as possible the landlord may be able to claim some of the costs of repairing the damage from the tenant if it gets worse. Always let your property manager know as soon as you notice any damage, even if you or a guest caused the damage as this may be covered by the landlord’s insurance and your property manager can check this out for you. Tell your property manager if you notice any leeks under your kitchen sink, as it could be serious.

If you are planning some holiday projects and perhaps putting up a temporary swimming pool, additional fencing, a vegetable garden or thinking of pruning some trees or shrubs, check in with your property manager first. Your Harcourts property manager will be happy to assist you to understand what is or is not considered a minor change and make a request to the landlord.

Always get in touch if you are planning to get a caravan or tiny home as this will require consent from the landlord and maybe even require Council consent in the case of a tiny home or cabin. It is often not as straightforward as it first appears and may not be in the scope of what is considered a minor change.